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Our research focuses on fundamental and applied investigations of soft matters (emphasis on liquid crystals).  We seek to understand intermolecular / interparticle / interfacial phenomena in soft materials to provide insights into the design of new class of responsive materials (smart materials) that will find applications in a variety of field, including Drug delivery/release, Sensors, Actuator (Micro-machine), Microfluidics, and Molecular/colloidal self-assembly.

If you are interested in joining our lab, please feel free to contact Prof. Young-Ki Kim

본 연구실에서는 첨단 연성물질 개발 및 특성 분석을 연구할 대학원생 및 박사후 연구원을 모집하고 있습니다.
관심 있는 학생 및 연구원은 주저 마시고 언제든지 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

Young-Ki Kim
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Email : ykkim@postech.ac.kr
Tel : +82-54-279-2267



2021.02.22. Won-Sik Kim‘s paper is published in Science Advances .
*News Articles: 경북일보, 전자신문, 대경일보, 가스신문, NSP통신, 헤럴드경제, 테크월드, 뉴시스, 교수신문, 베리타스알파, 브레이크뉴스

[보드마커 펜에서 나오는 극소량의 유해가스도 감지하는 홀로그램 센서]

2020.10.15-30. Two Technology Transfers of Won-Sik Kim‘s patent (Method for Detection and Diagnosis of Surface Patterns using Liquid Crystals).

2020.10.07. Won-Sik Kim‘s paper is published in Advanced Materials.
*News Articles : 조선비즈, 동아사이언스, 연합뉴스, 뉴시스, 뉴스1, 세계일보, 파이낸셜뉴스, 해럴드경제, 아시아경제, 머니투데이, 이데일리, 디지털타임스
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2020.09.11. Prof. Kim was awarded POSCO Science Fellowship.

Recent Research & Publications


Y.-K. Kim, X Wang, P. Mondkar, E. Bukusoglu, and N.L. Abbott*
Self-Reporting and Self-Regulating Liquid Crystals, NATURE, 557, 539 (2018)

X.W. Shields, Y.-K. Kim† (Co-1st Author), K. Han, A.C. Murphy, A.J. Scott, N.L. Abbott*, and O.D. Velev*
Control of the Folding Dynamics of Self-Reconfiguring Magnetic Microbots Using Liquid Crystallinity“, Advanced Intelligent Systems, 1900114 (2020).


K. Cheng†, M. Pantoja†, Y.-K. Kim† (Co-1st Author), J.V. Gregory, F. Xie, A. de France, C. Hussal, K. Sun, N.L. Abbott*, and J. Lahann*
Templated Nanofiber Synthesis via Chemical Vapor Polymerization into Liquid Crystalline Films, SCIENCE, 16, 804 (2018)

D. G. Ryu, J. -H. Hug, Y.-K. Kim* and J. S. Gwag*, “Characterization of surface anchoring energy of nematic liquid crystals via electrohydrodynamic instability“, Physical Review E, 101, 062703 (2020).


I. Kim, M. A. Ansari, M. Q. Mehmood, W. -S. Kim, J. Jang, M. Zubair,
Y.-K. Kim*, and J Rho*
Stimuli-responsive dynamic meta-holographic displays with designer liquid crystal modulator, Advanced Materials, 32, 2004664 (2020). : Equal Contribution.

M. Tsuei, M. Shivrayan, Y.-K. Kim, S. Thayumanavan*, and N.L. Abbott*
Optical Blinking Triggered by Collisions of Single Supramolecular Assemblies of Amphiphilic Molecules with Interfaces of Liquid Crystals, Journal of The American Chemical Society, 142, 6139 (2020). : Equal Contribution.

Y.-K. Kim, K.R. Raghupathi, J.S. Pendery, P. Khomein, U. Sridhar, J.J. de Pablo*, S. Thayumanavan*, and N.L. Abbott*
Oligomers as Triggers for Responsive Liquid Crystals, LANGMUIR, 34, 10092 (2018)

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