Welcome to the Kim Research Group @ POSTECH

Our research focuses on fundamental and applied investigations of soft matters (emphasis on liquid crystals).  We seek to understand intermolecular / interparticle / interfacial phenomena in soft materials to provide insights into the design of new class of responsive materials (smart materials) that will find applications in a variety of field, including Drug delivery/release, Sensors, Actuator (Micro-machine), Microfluidics, and Molecular/colloidal self-assembly.

If you are interested in joining our lab, please feel free to contact Prof. Young-Ki Kim

본 연구실에서는 첨단 연성물질 개발 및 특성 분석을 연구할 대학원생 및 박사후 연구원을 모집하고 있습니다.
관심 있는 학생 및 연구원은 주저 마시고 언제든지 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

Young-Ki Kim
Associated Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Email : ykkim@postech.ac.kr
Tel : +82-54-279-2267


2023.05 Won-Sik Kim was awarded the Postechian Fellowship

2023.04.21 Kwangseok Oh was awarded the Best Poster Presentation Award at 2023 Spring Meeting of the Korean Institue of Chemical Engineering

2023.03 SSMLAB 연구실 한우물파기 기초연구 과제 선정 (10년 장기지원)
“박테리아 자기조립 기반 마이크로 로봇 개발”
연합뉴스, 조선비즈, 파이낸셜뉴스, 동아사이언스, 뉴스1, 전자신문,

2022.11 Jun Hyung Im was awarded the Best Poster Presentation Award at
2022 Fall Meeting of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineering

2022.10 Jun Hyung Im was awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award at
2022 Fall Meeting of the Polymer Society of Korea

2022.07 W.-S. Kim, J.-H. Im, H. Kim, J.-K. Choi, Y. Choi‘s paper is published in Advanced Materials

2022.04 Won-Sik Kim‘s paper is published in Light: Science & Applications

2022.04 Jin-Kang Choi was awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award at Korea Chemical Engineering Spring Meeting 2022

2021.08 Hyein Kim was awarded the Best Poster Paper Award at IMID 2021

2021.06 Jun Hyung Im win the 1st POSTECHIAN Fellowship

2021.02.22. Won-Sik Kim‘s paper is published in Science Advances .
경북일보, 전자신문, 대경일보, 가스신문, NSP통신, 헤럴드경제, 테크월드, 뉴시스, 교수신문, 베리타스알파, 브레이크뉴스

[보드마커 펜에서 나오는 극소량의 유해가스도 감지하는 홀로그램 센서]

2020.10.15-30. Two Technology Transfers of Won-Sik Kim‘s patent
“Method for Detection and Diagnosis of Surface Patterns using Liquid Crystals”

2020.10.07. Won-Sik Kim‘s paper is published in Advanced Materials.
조선비즈, 동아사이언스, 연합뉴스, 뉴시스, 뉴스1, 세계일보, 파이낸셜뉴스, 해럴드경제, 아시아경제, 머니투데이, 이데일리, 디지털타임스
*Selected for Cover Page

2020.09.11. Prof. Kim was awarded POSCO Science Fellowship.

Recent Research & Publications


Y.-K. Kim, X Wang, P. Mondkar, E. Bukusoglu, and N.L. Abbott*
Self-Reporting and Self-Regulating Liquid Crystals, NATURE, 557, 539 (2018)

X.W. Shields, Y.-K. Kim† (Co-1st Author), K. Han, A.C. Murphy, A.J. Scott, N.L. Abbott*, and O.D. Velev*
Control of the Folding Dynamics of Self-Reconfiguring Magnetic Microbots Using Liquid Crystallinity“, Advanced Intelligent Systems, 1900114 (2020).


K. Cheng†, M. Pantoja†, Y.-K. Kim† (Co-1st Author), J.V. Gregory, F. Xie, A. de France, C. Hussal, K. Sun, N.L. Abbott*, and J. Lahann*
Templated Nanofiber Synthesis via Chemical Vapor Polymerization into Liquid Crystalline Films, SCIENCE, 16, 804 (2018)

D. G. Ryu, J. -H. Hug, Y.-K. Kim* and J. S. Gwag*, “Characterization of surface anchoring energy of nematic liquid crystals via electrohydrodynamic instability“, Physical Review E, 101, 062703 (2020).


I. Kim, M. A. Ansari, M. Q. Mehmood, W. -S. Kim, J. Jang, M. Zubair,
Y.-K. Kim*, and J Rho*
Stimuli-responsive dynamic meta-holographic displays with designer liquid crystal modulator, Advanced Materials, 32, 2004664 (2020). : Equal Contribution.

M. Tsuei, M. Shivrayan, Y.-K. Kim, S. Thayumanavan*, and N.L. Abbott*
Optical Blinking Triggered by Collisions of Single Supramolecular Assemblies of Amphiphilic Molecules with Interfaces of Liquid Crystals, Journal of The American Chemical Society, 142, 6139 (2020). : Equal Contribution.

Y.-K. Kim, K.R. Raghupathi, J.S. Pendery, P. Khomein, U. Sridhar, J.J. de Pablo*, S. Thayumanavan*, and N.L. Abbott*
Oligomers as Triggers for Responsive Liquid Crystals, LANGMUIR, 34, 10092 (2018)

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